Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to be a marvelous magician

After a little effort, anyone could learn a couple of magic tricks and astound your…well...1st grader. It usually takes a bit more in order to impress your friends and other adults. Exactly what makes a great magician? Here are some tips and hints that will help you as you pursue your dream of being a great magician. First you will need to study and learn everything you can. Yup, study. You assumed that you were done with that when you stepped out the door of your last school. Nope. To be great at something involves a great deal of study and learning; and becoming an amazing magician is no different. Read everything you are able to get your hands on. Master your tricks inside and out. Learn each of the different versions, and as many different methods as you can. Try to see the trick from the audience’s viewpoint. You should fully understand what the trick is attempting to do to the audience.

Then you'll need to practice. Then practice more. And then practice even more. Your tricks have to become second nature to you. You need to be able to do them without even thinking about it…because you won’t be. you will be concentrating on your “performance”, which is different, it is not simply the trick.

Lastly, you must be a performer. All good magicians are great performers. Great magicians are Fantastic performers! By putting on a fantastic performance it keeps the audience misdirected and distracted sufficiently to pull of the tricks and leave them blown away!